PAKISTAN ENERGY providing rental power generation

(20 KVA TO 1750KVA) diesel generators.

PAKISTAN ENERGY providing parts of power plant and power

house equipment, and the base overhauling and alternator

maintenance. Our services and maintenance department is

fully equipped to base overhauling all types of (caterpillar,

john deere, perkins, Doosan, Man, and Cummins engine etc). our

overhauling expertise bring in 3 to 5 DG sets per month for

overhauling .




PAKISTAN ENERGY supply rental diesel and gas generators 20 to

1250 KVA with or without operators. PAKISTAN ENERGY offer

various packages for rental capacitive power and also

deployed brand new sets under 2-3 years rental contract.

All operation like marketing / sales /rental and services

parts supply are under one window operation just send your




In order to keep consistent in its mission in supporting

Pakistan economy for power solutions, PAKISTAN ENERGY

introduced renewable energy solutions in collaboration with

well reputed foreign principals manufacturing solar

products. We offer premium quality renewable energy

solutions for solar residential power systems, solar powered

fuel stations, solar backup power system, solar water pumps,

LED lighting solutions and other customized commercial and

industrial applications.




We evaluate need identification and perform site surveys for

design and product selection on our customer’s request. Upon

their consent for our proposed design, we proceed for system

deployment, installation, commissioning, and test run and post

installation check till attainment of final acceptance

certificate from client’s end.



Solar On Grid System

Grid Synchronized Battery-Less System

Solar Hybrid System

Grid Interactive Battery Backup System

Solar Off Grid System

Grid Synchronized Battery-Less System

Solar Hybrid System

Grid Interactive Battery Backup System

Solar Off Grid System

Stand-alone systems or mini-grids typically to provide a

smaller community with electricity.

Solar Water Pumping Solutions

Solar driven water pumping solution for agricultural,

drinking water & other industrial sector.

LED Lighting Solutions

We offer energy efficient LED lights for commercial &

residential sector – Indoor & Outdoor Lights.  We specialize in

lighting design solutions.





Diesel Generator,

Gas GeneratorGenerator Accessories, Generator Automation, 

GeneratorAutomation Synchronizing, Generator Dealers and

Importers, Generator Ignition

System, GeneratorInstallation, Generator Portable, Generator 

Protection & Controls, Generator Rental

Services,Generator Resistive Load



Our services include sales of power generation units

, automatic transfer / paralleling systems and ancillary

equipment. Custom power-generation packaging, turnkey

power-plant manufacturing andpower generation

consultation services. In-house design, engineering, project

management & manufacturing



The installation must be in strict compliance with all codes,

standards, and regulations. Start-up procedures must be

performed by an Authorized Gen- erac Industrial Service

Dealer. It is not intended that this manual be used by any

unqualified person for the purpose of installing a

generator set.




Generator installation and commissioning is our specialism

and from an initial site survey we can arrange delivery, off

load and position, special lifting and crane lifting services, to

installing andcommissioning of the generator, fuel system and

auxiliary equipment. We have a broad range of experience in





Pakistan Energy solution guide you for OPERATOR GUIDANCE &

TRAINING Reliability Coordinator; Balancing Authority;

Transmission Operator; Transmission Owner that has:

Personnel, excluding field switching personnel, who can act

independently to operate or direct the operation of the

Transmission Owner’s Bulk Electric System transmission

Facilities in Real-time.Generator Operator



Pakistan Energy solution offers a choice of Annual

Maintenance Contracts with definite response time and service

quality experience service any model of generator.



Before starting any maintenance work on the alternator, all safety precaution should be taken and the alternator should be shut and locked down. Also, post notice and ply cards on relevant places and alternator heater to be isolated.

  • Clean the alternator ventilation passage and air filter.

  • Check the Insulation resistance of stator and rotor winding.

  • Air gap between stator and rotor to be checked and maintained between 1.5 to 2 mm.

  • Slip rings to be checked for even wear down to be renewed if required.

  • Carbon brushes to be clean and checked for free movement.

  • The brush contacting pressure to be checked by spring balance.

  • Automatic Voltage Regulator to be checked and cleaned off oil and dust.

  • The lube oil level of pedestal bearing to be maintained and renewed as per planned maintenance.

  • A vacuum cleaner can be used to remove dust accumulated in the inner parts of alternator.

  • The terminal box cover gasket to be checked for proper oil and water tightness.

  • All the connection in the terminal box to be tightened properly.

  • Cable gland to be checked for integrity.

  • Forced Ventilation around alternator must be maintained all the time.

  • Check heater for proper operation.

  • The foundation bolts of the alternator to be checked for tightness.

After maintenance is performed, a no load test should be

carried out and general condition such as noise, temperature,

voltage generated etc. of the alternator should be observed

and noted.